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How to fuck with anime fans:

Step 1) put a wig on your dog

Step 2)

first of all HOW DARE YOU

I smell an oscar

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How awesome does this sound though. You get infinite money and once a week you get to take a child to a candy store or toys or us or somewhere they love and buy them as much they want this would be fun given the kid wasn’t a brat.

There is no downside to this at all

This is the best, because it says A CHILD, not your child, so I could pick one of the really poor kids on the streets and go “Your life is going to change right now”, and I could buy everything their family might need, along with a house, a food supply, toys, clothes, and everything they never had the chance to have before. And the best thing is that I could do this with lots of children, and not just one. I could give a lot of children in need a full week of Christmas basically and maybe give them a chance to have a different life. That would be great.

Bless u ^ humanity still exists. 

Plus depending on how you define “child”, you could be helping high students who struggling with application fines and even pay for college tuition, room and board, or books


Madness of Ecstasy and Pleasure

Illustration by きのと

*Permission to upload has been given by the artist.


In Kuroshitsuji, we don’t say “I love you,” we say “Yes, my lord,” which translates roughly to “you motherfucking punk your soul better be fucking worth all of the bullshit you make me do YOU CANT EVEN BUTTON YOUR OWN SHIRTS YOU USELESS PRICK” and I think that’s beautiful.

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The fact that this year Easter is on 4/20 just makes this pic even better!

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i stare at boys so much how do they not notice

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am I out of the fandom yet